Happy Easter morning!

This Easter morning, I’m up before the hustle and bustle of the holiday begins because I want to share something that’s been on my heart for a few weeks, but that I feel especially strongly this morning…

I had the honor and privilege a few weeks ago to attend the funeral of a sweet baby girl who lived only a matter of minutes here on this earth.  I know how deeply she will be missed by her parents and brothers, especially in these first weeks and months…  But when it was time for this family to make her arrangements, they chose to have a memorial service that would celebrate not only her life, but would celebrate God.  They wanted to know that they were sharing the truth of Jesus with their family and friends and the hope that they were not forever separated from their daughter.  I was so touched by their desire, but I was touched even more, sitting in the memorial service, as I heard the message that was given.

Sitting in that room, as the minister spoke about the truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection for us, I was reminded by God of the fact that He is a parent who has known the loss of a child…He watched his son’s persecution, suffering and eventual death.  He knows the loneliness of this loss, and He knows how deeply it cuts into our hearts… 

But the words that grabbed my heart that afternoon was the truth of God’s loss…if there had been any other way for us to come to God, He would have taken it–He would have made that way a reality…but the truth this morning and every morning is that there was no other way for us to be reconciled to God.  God willingly walked the path of grief because having us with Him for eternity was worth it.

This weekend I was reminded of the frailty of life and the imperfections of the world we live in as I ministered to a family in the hospital, watching over their sweet son who is on life support.  I was also contacted by a family who yesterday buried their precious daughter after only one month of life.  I was contacted by a third family who has a daughter in the hospital, three weeks old and fighting a case of bacterial meningitis.  We live in a fallen world, where bad things happen to good people and there is honestly very little within our control.  But we serve a God who holds this whole world in His hands, who knows our broken hearts, and has given us a way to have eternal life with Him and the loved ones we have lost.

This Easter, if you don’t know the Risen Lord Jesus as your personal savior, or if you are struggling with how God fits in your life, know that He is with you–every moment of the day, every step you take.  He knows you inside and out, all of the good, the bad, the heartache, and He loves you and would go through losing Jesus all over again just to be a part of your life.  I pray peace and blessings upon you and your family and most of all I pray that you will draw closer to God today…

Happy Easter!



2 Responses

  1. Very well said Alaina, I can’t say as though I have a lot to add, you always say it so well.

    Just a small tidbit for the Tiny Purpose Leaders…

    We Love What You Do !!!

    THANK YOU !!
    Kris Fisher

  2. Just wanted to thank Kristin, Alaina and Renee for a wonderful Gathering. Everything was so nice and the food was yummy. You gals ROCK! Thanks for all you do.

    P.S. Thanks Robin for being our “Craft Queen.”

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