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Where are you in your grief?
August 8, 2007

Hello…I’m sure you’re all thinking “Wow…she’s really blogging!”  Yes, yes I am!

 Last month we had an awesome group with great participation by all…and as Kristin and Renee and I reflected on it, we thought it would be a good idea to post this question again, for those of you not at group, for those of you who maybe didn’t share at group, for all of us who are grieving and may need to revisit this question from time to time…I guess that covers us all!

 In the first Devotion of “Grieving the Child I Never Knew” by Kathe Wunnenberg, she poses the question “Imagine someone calling out, ‘Where are you in your grief?’ How would you respond today?  How would you like to respond a year from now?”

In first pass, maybe  a simple question, but as I thought about it more and more, a very poignant one.  Where am I now, four years after losing my daughter?  I am a completely different person, and as the month of July and Hope’s birthday have recently passed, I can say I am still a mother who misses her daughter and wonders what might have been…I couldn’t and wouldn’t go back at this point, but in my heart of hearts, I can honestly say I wonder…

I also know that every July I feel different…it’s not something that I am totally aware of, but it is something that is fact–ask my husband, family or close friends and they will agree.  In July, regardless of where I am emotionally, my body knows and remembers what was…and it forces me to stop and remember as well…

I would have thought that at four years out, and by my standards, someone who has grieved and worked through the loss, that it would be easier…most days it is, but some days it’s not…

 Where do I want to be a year from now? Still involved with Tiny Purpose, working to make grieving a little less lonely for the mothers who come behind me…still missing my daughter–I never want a day to pass when I don’t think about her–good and bad…still working to make everyday count–because I know now that what really matters in this life is not work, or things, but the people we love…

Tell me where you want to be a year from now…I’d love to hear your thoughts…Alaina


April 20, 2007

Good morning! Sorry it has taken me this long since group on Monday night to blog…what a week!  Busy as usual around our house!  I’m sure it has been for you guys too…

 Group Monday was great!  We had 5 new faces who bravely came and shared their stories with us!  Thank you so much for your courage!  I’m really looking forward to getting to know these women a little bit better…We worked on a mailing for the 7th Annual Harvey Hiatt Memorial Golf Outing, our one and only fundraiser planned for 2007 and had a lovely time getting to know one another.

Ta-Da!!  Important announcement – Allison had her baby on Wednesday night!  Though her c-section was not expected for another week, she went into labor on her own and they did the surgery on Wednesday!  Baby Nash William was born around 7:55pm on 4/18 and he was over 7 pounds!  Both mom and baby are doing GREAT and I’m thrilled to go and meet him later today…please keep her in your thoughts and prayer…

 Last night was a big TP night…our first board meeting!  What a special “first” for us!  We met with 5 people who have caught our vision and we talked about everything that has been happening and where we want to go!  It was an exciting night and I know we’ll share more as time goes on…

 Tomorrow is the Gathering and I can’t wait!  It will be a morning of hope, healing and remembering, if you let it!  I’ll be sure to post again afterwards!

 Have a blessed day and I’ll see some of you tomorrow!  Alaina

Group Tonight
March 20, 2007

I’m on a little high tonight, as I’ve just come home from a great group!  We had fourteen tonight, four of whom were new to Tiny Purpose.  To hear the stories of new losses breaks my heart, and yet there is still a part of my that rejoices that Tiny Purpose is here for them!

Let me give you the details…we took care of some house cleaning issues to start:

1) The Gathering To Remeber will be held Saturday, April 21st, 2007 at the Christian Mission from 9am-1pm.  See or call the Mission at (517) 263-7430.  The invitation is attached. 

2)There will still be group on Monday, April 16th!

3) The May group will be a special event night–mark your calenders for May 21st as Tiny Purpose hosts special speaker Yvonne Prowant who will share a presentation on the similarities in physical and emotional wounds and healing!  This will be a great time for inviting family and friends who maybe have never understood your grieving process?  Hint-hint!

4) For the June group, we will begin the devotional “Grieving the Child I Never Knew” by Kathe Wunnenberg.  Copies of the book can be picked up at a discount at Guided by Grace in downtown Adrian–just let the clerk know you’re with Tiny Purpose!

We were blessed as our new members shared their unique stories tonight and our thoughts and prayers are with them as they grieve…we enjoyed them all and hope that they will join us again, whether at group or at one of our events…Babies Mackenzie, Maverick, Jesse, Alana and Van Black were blessed to have such special mommies!

Though our devotional was short tonight, it came from “In a Heartbeat” by Dawn Siegrist Waltman…”Of Life and Love” was the title and the message tonight was that Love makes a mommy and that the loss of a baby does not change that!  I pray that you all find peace in knowing that your babies know they were and are well loved…

Group ended tonight with much visiting as we ate a delicious Texas Sheetcake compliments of Kristin (thanks my friend!) and as we stuffed and addressed Gathering invitations.

Thank you all for sharing yourselves tonight…I’m blessed to have such wonderful women in my life…and I find peace in knowing my little Hope has such wonderful playmates in Heaven!