Group tomorrow, Oct. 8th, at our new location!

It is hard to believe that our new location is complete and ready for us to meet at!  We have put many months into preparing a special place we can all call our own and we are so excited for you to see Tiny Purpose’s new location!  It is peaceful and comforatbale, it is safe and promotes openess and sharing and it is a place that we can all enjoy.  We hope to see you at 357 Sherman Street in Blissfield tomorrow night, October 8th (remember with a new location comes a new night) from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.  If you have any questions about directions feel free to call 517-486-2140 and speak to one of us directly.  Look for the green Tiny Purpose signs at the corner of US 223 and Jipson Street and then again at the corner of Jipson Street and Sherman Street.


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  1. Group was GREAT! I think the place is just beautiful. I love the pictures of the mother’s hand and child’s foot and hand… The sharing area was comfortable and we filled the seats, that Kristin and Alaina had to sit on the floor.

    I am just amazed at how God blesses this group! He is a loving, merciful God and I am glad that these women have answered the call to minister to us women struggling with the loss of our precious children.

    Thank you Tiny Purpose for all that you do and all that this new facility will allow you to do in the future!


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