You Wouldn’t Cry…

Kristin and I were blessed by the opportunity on Tuesday morning to hear Mandisa live on the K-Love morning show.  Tuesday was the release of her new cd “Freedom” and she shared the story behind one of the new songs on her album…

After a concert, Mandisa was signing autographs and a very pregnant young woman was in line.  When it was her turn, Mandisa and the young woman got to talking about this woman’s pregnancy (she was due any day) and Mandisa actually felt the baby move and prayed over the mom and baby…Four days later, this young woman went into labor and delivered a precious stillborn baby boy, Andrew.  A friend of the young woman’s contacted Mandisa.  As Mandisa struggled to put together a cd to comfort the young mother, she couldn’t find a song that really expressed what she wanted to share…so “You Wouldn’t Cry” was written in memory of precious Andrew for his mother, from his perspective of Heaven…

As Kristin and I listened together over the phone (both listening on our own radios), we were both so touched by the song that we wanted to share it with you…I hope that this song has you reaching not only for the Kleenex:), but for the gracious comfort of our Heavenly Father as you let your precious baby speak to you through the lyrics of this powerful song…

Love you all…Alaina

Song #11 “You Wouldn’t Cry”


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